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A Brief Review of Sonos Beam

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The brilliantly-designed Sonos Beam device has come with each and every feature that you look for in a soundbar along with its incredibly streamlined design, various TV controlling features through Alexa, simple setup process, and top-notch audio. And all of these functionalities have been compiled into an amazing audio box. So, let’s discuss Sonos Beam in brief.

Do you have already used or configured soundbars? Then, you might know that these devices are either extremely bulky, wide or might miss certain top-notch smart features to help you with your day-to-day routines. Albeit, Sonos had designed the brilliant room-filling PlayBase a few years ago, it was the unavailability of some features like voice activation and HDMI. Nonetheless, the Sonos One had come with voice activation and/or Alexa but unfortunately, it was not a smart speaker. But the good news is that the Sonos Beam device has come with everything that one could look for within a smart soundbar. But, it’s very important to figure out whether this specific small compact audio box is capable of filling your ears with blissful joy.

Sonos Beam- Style

After unboxing the incredibly-designed Sonos Beam device, you’d greatly admire the design of it. This cylinder-shaped device, which’s continuous from the end-to-end, is also wrapped with fabric on its front part and also the back for the purposes of audio. You’d be amazed to see this beautiful solid black colorway; however, it’s also available in the white color. The measurement of the Beam is 25ins long and this feature has made its appearance smaller, as compared to the Sonos PlayBase. However, the measurement of its speaker is around 28ins. This Beam holds the depth of just under 4in. And so this device has become so compact in its appearance. The Beam looks incredibly sleek and the respective Sonos logo has been decorated on its front part along with the attractive buttons on its top section for the purpose of volume controls and Play/Pause. Moreover, a mic button is there for the purpose of its Alexa-enabled capabilities. A LED light is also there to indicate the Beam status.

What are some of the features of Sonos Beam?

You can easily connect Sonos Beam with the help of Ethernet; however, you can also depend on Wi-Fi and that’s how you can connect your device to the respective network. You’d also get the option to make a connection to the Sonos Beam to the TV either via the conventional HDMI or optical cable. The one and only thing is the connection through HDMI that makes one to sacrifice an HDMI port on his/her TV because the Beam hasn’t come with an output on the respective Beam device.

After making a decision about the connection process of the Beam, you need to undergo the regular Sonos App setup. In case you’re already having Sonos devices, the configuration process would be streamlined for you. It’s due to the fact that Sonos devices are going to be recognized within your network and also its effortless sailing from that place. But, if you’re not having a Sonos device, the particular application will help you in going through each and everything, like the creation of a user account. Once everything is set, you’re free to go ahead and start trying out Amazon’s Alexa. If you’re already aware of the utilization of Alexa on the Sonos One device, then it would be the same utilization here. You can make use of it for loading up the specific Spotify playlist, voice controls,, and also controlling various other devices. It also provides support to ESP (Echo Spatial Reception).

What about the Sound?

It’s true that the Sonos Beam device has been packed with a good number of brilliant audio equipment, including one tweeter, four woofers along with three passive radiators. Its performance is good to fill the entire room with mesmerizing audio. Moreover, the sound of the music is clear and crisp without any type of even when it’s at its highest levels. So, in simple words, Sonos Beam is an excellent device with simple setup and Alexa-enabled capability. In case you already have some other Sonos speakers in your household, its connection will be seamless.

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