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A Brief Comparison between Sonos Beam, Playbar, and Playbase


If you’re a fan of Sonos devices, then you’d be enthusiastic to know about a short comparison between Sonos Beam, Playbar, and Playbase. Follow the below post.

Are you searching for a top-notch Sonos soundbar? Then, you should check the brief comparison between these devices. Actually, three brilliant Sonos soundbars are there in the multi-room family of Sonos. And the latest of them is the incredibly-designed Sonos Beam device. It is a considerably smaller and more budget-friendly, as compared to the other two top-class Sonos TV speakers prior to it. However, this device has come with the same set of incredible streaming as well as multi-room attributes along with the essential upgrades regarding an HDMI connection as well as voice control. But, at the same time, it’s also true that the Playbase soundbase and the Playbar soundbar are contemporary as well. So, now, what are you thinking? Which Sonos TV speaker would best suit you? The brief comparison below will help you. Let’s try to discover.

Design and Construction

You already know that the Sonos Beam has come as the smallest among the TV speakers of Sonos by some significant margin. It’s of 65cm width. Moreover, the device is of 7cm tall as well as 10cm deep. That means you can easily keep it in front of your Television. You can also keep this device under your TV. The weight of this device is 2.8kg only. Furthermore, you can also easily wall-mount the same. Apart from being more lightweight and smaller, its appearance is also impressive. Most of the times, you look for a device that would complement your interior, isn’t it? The extended pill shape and amazing mesh wrap have been amalgamated to develop a device with mesmerizing and more stylish in appearance. On the other hand, the Playbar device has come with an angular design and its appearance would be a bit long in terms of the tooth in the comparison with the specific rounded panels associated with the newer devices. Moreover, it also has come with the width of 90cm and the weight of 5.4kg. Its width is of around the width of a 43in TV. Also, the wall-mounters must make sure about the wall strength. The strength of the fixtures must also be ensured. Furthermore, the official Playbar mount has come with a more budget-friendly price, as compared to the Beam. The silicone feet of the Playbar device is present on the specific back panel and against a wall. However, this specific orientation has made this device less tall. That means it won’t likely to block a TV, present behind the same.

In case it obstructs the IR receiver of the users’ telly, a brilliantly-designed built-in repeater makes sure the commands from their remote get along. Within this specific orientation, the drivers of the Playbar have come in significantly firing upwards. In order to receive the best-in-class sound from that device, you must stand the same on its respective edge. But, it would then operate the possibility of blocking the TV screen. If you don’t want to go for wall-mounting, you should purchase the Playbase device. It’s actually a soundbase, not a soundbar. That means it has been designed to provide support to a TV. And it becomes possible for the height of the Playbase. It’s of 5.8cm tall. Mo re over, it is much deeper and also wider and all these features have made it brilliant. However, its construction is powerful and the accurately-machined holes are mesmerizing and they contribute to the utmost air control of the device. All of these three speakers have become available within black or white color. Moreover, the Beam has come with capacitive touch controls on the specific top panel just like the Playbase device.


Now, it’s time to discuss the features in brief. The core attributes- belonged to a Sonos product- are present, irrespective which one you’d purchase. Moreover, the support for almost each of the music streaming services is there under one place. Nonetheless, the capability of working with other speakers of Sonos is also there. Actually, the differences are mainly because of their different ages of the three devices. The Beam device has come with the maximum number of features.

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