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A Brief Comparison between Sonos Beam and Sonos Playbar

Are you a great enthusiast of Sonos devices? Then, you’ll be interested to know about the brief comparison between the brilliantly-designed Sonos Beam as well as Sonos Playbar. So, let’s start the discussion.

When it’s about home theater soundbars, you have a huge number of choices. But, when you prefer the incredibly-designed Sonos Playbar and Sonos Beam in your preferred list, then it’s important to be aware of the features of these two devices. The Sonos Playbar is a great soundbar and it has been a great part of the brilliant Sonos family for many years. On the contrary, Sonos Beam is a new as well as compact soundbar and it is featured with the latest home automation as well as voice assistant technology. Albeit, they share a number of functionalities, you’d also find out some specific strengths of each of the devices. Moreover, it’s also a worth-noting fact that Sonos components greatly perform together. It’s time to take a look at some of the aspects of these two devices.


Do you know the brilliantly-designed Sonos Playbar is bigger and also featured with more drivers, as compared to the Sonos Beam? Actually, it signifies that the Playbar device is capable of delivering a vast array of frequencies and that’s also at the levels of higher volume, accompanied by a more brilliant virtual surround sound. It’s actually a great argument in support of the Playbar device for those users, who prioritize the best sound for TV show soundtracks as well as movies. Furthermore, both of the Beam and Playbar devices are equipped with the brilliant speech enhancement software of Sonos. Its main purpose is to provide a clearer on-screen dialog. However, the Beam device has come with a single tweeter to perform the work whereas the Playbar device has come with three. Both of them can be accompanied with a Sonos Sub device, a collection of Sonos One speakers, Play:1, or Play:3 for generating a top-notch setup of a 5.1 surround sound.

Whatever features and functionalities have made the Playbar device better for TV shows and movies, the same have also made it a reputed soundbar while it comes to music. Moreover, the volume plus the dynamic range- both of these features are better, as compared to Beam. It has been possible due to its extra drivers as well as the wider stance that the brilliant Playbar device is capable of producing better stereo separation until the specific room is sufficiently big to remain at a distance, which makes you appreciate it. Without any doubt, the incredibly-designed Sonos Playbar device is featured with better sound functionality. On the contrary, the Sonos Beam would do wonders- while present in the correct space- when it comes to TV audio.

Voice Control

Actually, this segment has no contest. The Sonos Beam device has already joined the brilliant Sonos One device in the form of the only smart speaker products of the company, accompanied with the capability of running either Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa straightforwardly on the speaker. Owing to built-in far-field voice mics, which hold the ability to choose the wake word, such as “Hey Google,” or “Alexa”, even within a crowded ambiance, the brilliant Beam device provides you with voice control over the functionality of music playback along with a number of options of the smart home. Moreover, if you already have various other Sonos components, the addition of a Beam device would enable you to control such products as well. Moreover, such voice commands are not only restricted to audio. In case you make a connection to a Sonos Beam through HDMI-CEC to a supported TV, it would transfer the brilliant instructions. Actually, the Sonos Beam device is among the two smart speakers around the whole world, which can perform with either Alexa or Google Assistant on the identical device. The other one is the Sonos One device. Moreover, the Playbar device doesn’t feature any voice control functionality. However, users can control the same by their voice in case you’re having a Sonos smart speaker or any other Alexa device or Google Assistant in your house. It’s not a comprehensive list- rather many other factors are there for comparing these two devices.

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