808 Speaker

808 Speaker – As a website that reviews a wide range of smartphone accessories, we often get our hands and ears on Bluetooth speakers. Often, we often find that size does not indicate quality. Big things come in small packages, right? In most cases, yes. Not always.

We spent some time reviewing the latest portable Bluetooth speaker, the 808 XS. Since the price is around $50, we didn’t expect much from them. Given that such things can cost hundreds of dollars in some cases, we knew how to forgive. As far as we know, it’s what we’ve been waiting for.

808 Speaker

808 Speaker

The first thing you notice about the 808 XS is its small and slim profile. In fact, given the shape of the box, it’s half the size of what we’d expect. For reference, picture the wooden handle on the eraser on the blackboard at school. Yes, that’s it. The exact dimensions are 5.5″ x 6.023″ x 1.062″.

Audio Xs Wireless Stereo Speaker: A Small Yet Powerful Boombox

Wrapped in black (also available in blue), the 808 XS features honeycomb panels on the front and rear. The unit has a soft, silicon coating on the edges that is sticky enough to put on a table.

At first glance, there’s a power button on the top left of the speaker, which stays lit the entire time it’s on. On the left side of the speaker is an auxiliary input with a charging indicator light. done No more buttons; Not even a voice.

Turn on the speaker and you will see the volume indicator blink for the first time. In short, the speaker tries to identify itself to the device it wants to share with. When you’re done, you’re good to go.

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When it comes to build quality, we’re impressed with this speaker. It is tightly packed and compact with no blemishes. We’ve seen cheaper looking and less built speakers in this size.

Review: 808 Audio Xl V Wireless Smart Speaker

If there’s one feature we’ve noticed on this speaker, it’s that the 808 XS doesn’t include power or volume buttons. In fact, all your controls are done over the phone. In most cases, it’s not that bad. However, there are situations when you want to quickly mute the speaker or turn down the volume. To do this, it is a pain to take out the phone and physically approach the speaker.

The 808XS is billed as a stereo speaker, but the unit isn’t large enough to distinguish the speakers. Bass and low end come from the back, which is tightly wrapped around the middle. There isn’t a lot of real estate for audio transmission – and it shows from time to time.

When you consider that the speaker is only $50, we still find the 808 XS a little short. If you’re looking for the best balance, keep the dial-controlled volume at 50% or below. Turn it up and the sound starts to grow or break down. Even in a 12’x12′ office, we don’t feel comfortable going over 75% so we don’t sound shrill or “broken”.

808 Speaker

Another feature we appreciate on most Bluetooth speakers is the ability to take calls. This is not available on the 808 XS. Mileage may vary depending on whether or not you care about this option. For us, at least, we like it when it’s a random phone call. However, given the speaker’s reasoning, we can draw some attention to its shortcoming.

Lxs Wireless Speaker Black

Battery life is an amazing 12 hours of play time. This was very evident in our testing, as we had to charge it several times over the past few weeks. The outcome depends on how much you like your music, but we’re willing to bet you’ll be happy with less power draining your phone.

We’re not trying to be hateful about it. After playing with many portable speakers over the years, it’s hard to pick the 808 XS over the others. Basically, we wish we could spend more and add physical buttons. But let’s face it, we’re not you. Your use case is different than the next guy.

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We can see many places where this speaker would be useful. A quiet night on the porch, reading a book. Listening to podcasts in research. Background music while doing homework in public places at school. There are probably three reasons that already come to mind. If you’re happy with the lack of buttons and don’t want to take calls through the speakerphone, the 808 XS is a good choice.

More information about the 808 XS can be found on the 808 Audio website. The speaker retails for around $50 at retailers like Amazon or Target.

Audio Hex Sl Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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If you’re looking for headphones that fit your head even for the most strenuous workouts, the Haylou BC01 are worth a look. Powerful wireless speakers don’t have to be expensive. The 808 LXS is a big speaker, but it’s cheaper than many portable speakers. Hailing from Hauppauge, New York, the 808 audio brand is still making a name for itself in the audio world.

For such a great jukebox and low price tag, I didn’t expect the 808 LXS to improve in design and quality. And since the design is not affected, it seems to be true. Except for the aluminum front grill, the entire exterior is made of plastic. Another downside is that the shell is not water resistant, so care should be taken when bringing it to the beach or pool.

808 Speaker

The front of the speaker has a huge 808 logo and I love that it has a honeycomb pattern that shows off the 2 drivers under the grille.

Kc 808 Wall Mounted Bluetooth Cd Player Portable Home Audio Box With Remote Control Fm Radio Built In Hifi Speakers Mp3, Audio, Portable Music Players On Carousell

On the back of the speaker, you’ll find the same pattern, but it’s on a plastic surface. The left corner has some connections like USB port, power port and AUX port for charging other devices. I really appreciate the charging feature, which is very useful when taking the speaker outside because you don’t need to bring an extra spare battery for your smartphone. However, the charging speed is a bit slow at 1A, which means it takes a few hours to fully charge my phone.

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All controls are located on the top of the 808 LXS. They use rubber buttons to activate the speaker. These buttons are fine to press, but they can easily get dirty. You’ll also find a built-in microphone for hands-free calling.

The 808 speakers have excellent battery life. 4, 400 mAh battery can play music for 10 hours, so you can charge your smartphone and listen to music for several hours without any problems.

The 808 LXS is a 20-watt system that uses two 3-inch full-range drivers and a passive head radiator. After looking at the driver schematic, I realized it was a capable speaker. You can see the audio test below.

Year Warranty】ewa A106max Loud Bluetooth Speaker Ultra Deep Bass Hd Sound Larger Volume Stereo Home Tws Pairing Wireless Waterproof Speaker

The speaker works great indoors and outdoors. It can deliver high volume with a slight twist. The bass isn’t that deep, but you can absolutely feel the punch. The low-mids are prominent and will enhance your experience with modern music genres. The soundstage is wide, especially when sitting in front of the speaker. When you place speakers in your home, the sound will spread everywhere and you can hear clear sound everywhere.

Although the mids are still not strong and the highs are not bright enough, they are quite acceptable for budget speakers.

The most noticeable problem with speakers is humming in the background. You may not notice this when playing music at high volume, but when playing symphonic or acoustic songs, this sound can really affect your musical experience. If you use the speaker outside.

808 Speaker

The 808 LXS isn’t the best sounding wireless speaker out there. However, I believe there is a market for the product. It’s not a bad choice if you’re looking for an outdoor speaker, just make sure you don’t get too close to water.

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