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What Should You Know About The Multi-Room Audio System In Sonos?

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Sonos is very simple-to-setup – be it one speaker, in-sync speakers, or a stereo-pair in different rooms and the range of playback options is also amazing – think streaming services, local storage, TV audio, internet radio, and so on. Although in terms of price, better-priced options are available, you’d definitely receive the top-notch performance worth […]

Connect Alexa To Sonos

How to Set Up Sonos and Alexa?

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If your Sonos speaker is compatible with Amazon Alexa, then you’d be asked to set up Alexa by clicking Sign in to Amazon. Now, you have to correctly enter the respective Amazon credentials and then click on “Sign in.” Now, you have to click on “I agree” and press “Continue.” In case you have non-Alexa Sonos speakers as […]

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How to Set Up Sonos in a Wireless Setup?

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With Sonos speaker, your home will fill with a crystal-clear, rich sound for music, film, TV, podcasts, video games, radio, audiobooks, and so on. Sonos is available for each and every room. With Sonos, you can play a film in your living room, a song in your dining room, and a podcast in your kitchen. […]