Wireless Outdoor Tower Speaker

Wireless Outdoor Tower Speaker – Summer means more time outside, and for many people, music is an essential tool for enjoying the sun. The portable Bluetooth speaker segment has exploded in the last few years, with boomboxes for the last 40 years – no tape decks or connected devices to enjoy streaming music.

Whether you want to play your playlist by the pool, beach, lake, or river, and are ready for that unexpected summer shower, the waterproof and outdoor Bluetooth speakers pump out tunes and provide peace of mind. There are tons of options to choose from, from speakers small enough to fit in your pocket to rocking a block party.

Wireless Outdoor Tower Speaker

Wireless Outdoor Tower Speaker

Expert: I’ve been testing audio equipment for over three decades at stores ranging from Audio to Rolling Stone. I’ve written about music for over 25 years and interviewed many great artists and producers to find out what their recordings should sound like. What to Look for in External Bluetooth Speakers

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Sound quality comes first when evaluating audio equipment and overall aesthetic style. But just as important is the powerful set of features that make the speaker easy to use and a pleasure to live with for a long time. Sound and style are subjective—and while you can use your ears and eyes to measure these qualities, some qualities can make or break audio equipment regardless of how it sounds or looks. Of course, price is also a consideration and with a higher price comes more power and usually better sound quality. Prices here range from $60 to $350, so you can find a speaker that fits your budget and needs.

Wireless Outdoor Tower Speaker

Look for the longest battery life possible, but be aware that the ratings shown will be lower if the speaker is played at high volume or the flashing lights are on. The external Bluetooth speakers tested here offer anywhere from 6 to 24 hours of battery life, but that varies depending on things like volume levels and whether built-in lights are active. On average, expect 10 to 12 hours of jam.

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Bluetooth is a wireless technology that uses radio waves to share data over short distances. Make sure the speaker is not only connected to Bluetooth but also to Wi-Fi, which provides better range and doesn’t interrupt the music if you call. Wi-Fi also offers multi-room audio by connecting to other Bluetooth speakers of the same brand or to Apple Airplay or Google Chromecast.

Wireless Outdoor Tower Speaker

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How do you plan to use an external Bluetooth speaker? Do you throw it in your backpack for summer events, or does the speaker live outside by the pool? What kind of music do you listen to and do you listen to it yourself or are you a source of music for family gatherings and celebrations? Do you use it for hands-free calls or listening to podcasts and audiobooks? All of these answers help determine how small or small the speaker is.

If you plan to mix songs in water, look for waterproof or waterproof speakers. Be sure to refer to the product’s IP rating, which stands for Intrusion Protection. IP ratings are denoted IPXX, with the first X indicating resistance to dust and particles and the second to water. Dust resistance IP rating from 0 to 6; Water IP ratings range from 0 to 9. The IP67 rating means that the product is protected against beach sand and submersion up to one meter for 30 minutes. Remember that all IP fluid tests are done in fresh water, as testing in salt water and chlorinated pools will cause degradation.

Wireless Outdoor Tower Speaker

Photo by Doug Newcomb // Available in Lagoon Blue or Sunset Red, this premium speaker, the Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3, reflects a brilliant glow when played.

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As a surfer, kiteboarder, paddleboarder and swimmer, I’m never far from the water and rarely without my music. In the summer, I work as a receptionist at a water park in Hood River, Oregon, which is located on the Columbia River, so it’s a water sports staple. I tested the speakers in the early spring/summer in the Columbia River Gorge, which means rain and wind, and took the waterproof speakers out on a paddle board. While I mostly tested the speakers outdoors, I also listened to them indoors, as they doubled as desktop or computer speakers. I used different types of music, including high quality files. I also looked at battery power, lighting effects, and the ability to connect to other devices or additional speakers. Finally, I looked at how they looked and felt.

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Wireless Outdoor Tower Speaker

JBL offers an extensive line of Bluetooth speakers (I own a few and am currently rocking the Flip 5), but the Charge 5 is my favorite speaker to test here based on sound quality. With a far-field tweeter, a separate tweeter for better frequencies, and a bass radiator at each end of the improved low-end, it produces clean, clear and loud sound. It boasts 20 hours of playback on a full charge and has a built-in USB power bank so you can charge other devices while blasting tunes. An IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating means you can take this speaker anywhere. That being said, the Charge 5 is one of the least impressive of the bunch.

This portable speaker is so small that it easily slips into the pocket of my board shorts, but the sewn-in rubber straps make it easy to attach to a bike handlebar, belt clip, or anything else. Going to the pool or the beach? Its IP67 rating means it is waterproof. It can also act as a portable charger and has a waterproof USB-C charging port. Its Bluetooth 5.3 connection offers a range of 120 feet. While the 2-inch speaker, radiators, and XBASS technology produce sound for its size, the StormBox Micro 2 has the worst output of any speaker I’ve tested.

Wireless Outdoor Tower Speaker

Home Speakers 101

The Audio Pro A15 is the best speaker I’ve tested, and its gray fabric cover stands out in a sea of ​​black Bluetooth options. Compatibility with Apple AirPlay2, Google’s Chromecast and Audio Pro multi-room software makes the A15 the ideal surround sound speaker – and it also includes Spotify Connect. The A15 supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and has six preset buttons for quick access to your favorite music source or playlist. However, with a battery life of just 11 hours, you’ll need to be close to a power outlet to charge it, and with its IPX2 rating, the A15 can only withstand light rain.

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The problem with many portable Bluetooth speakers is that if they’re not facing you, the sound will struggle. This outdoor model not only provides 360-degree sound, but also provides two speakers, passive radiators and a lower part of its volume to enhance the bass. At 20 watts of power, it reaches its limits faster than larger, more powerful speakers. It’s a fun after-dark speaker because its two “dark” lights – one up, one down – pulse to the beat of the music. An IPX7 waterproof rating ensures it’s ready for the party and can withstand being submerged in a drink. PartyCast Technology allows you to connect an unlimited number of Flare 2 speakers with sound and corresponding lights.

Wireless Outdoor Tower Speaker

If you want music for a great outdoor party, this is your jam. With a 5.25-inch woofer in the output cabinet and a 1.75 soft-dome tweeter powered by 100 watts, the JBL PartyBox Encore Essential is the most powerful speaker I’ve ever tested and has the best sound quality. Two levels of bass boost and dynamic brightness that matches the beat (and can be turned off) make this speaker the life of the party. The wired microphone input is great for karaoke. The app lets you control your music, update settings and customize the colors of the light display.

Ion Glow Stone Wireless Outdoor Speakers

If you want to take your sound underwater, this speaker can handle it. Its IP67 rating means it’s waterproof with a waterproof cover on the USB-C charging port, USB-A charging output and auxiliary input. In addition, it comes with a convenient strap. A single 3.5-inch titanium speaker delivers balanced sound, but there’s a bass boost option that adds 2 to 3 dB of oomph. Another handy option brings improved clarity for podcasts and audiobooks. 20 hours of battery life will get you through most outdoor activities. The sound with just one speaker is mono and lower quality than with two stereo speakers, and owners say in online reviews that adding a second speaker only doubles the mono sound.

Wireless Outdoor Tower Speaker

This speaker is a reliable outdoor and waterproof companion, and because it floats, it’s the perfect first music companion on a boat. Its two 2.5 inch clear

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