Solar Powered Wireless Outdoor Speaker

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Nothing beats the feeling of a speaker dying while you’re at the pool, the beach, or your favorite campsite. With a solar-powered wireless Bluetooth speaker, you’ll never have to worry about your outdoor memories ever going silent again—as long as the sun is shining.

Solar Powered Wireless Outdoor Speaker

Solar Powered Wireless Outdoor Speaker

The best solar powered speakers have double the battery power, with both traditional solar charging and solar charging to ensure you never run out of battery. For example, in the sunlight, the speaker is charged and gets the power it needs to play. However, when the sun goes down or you move home, that doesn’t mean the speaker is done for the day. Backup batteries are available to ensure you use your speakers as long as possible. While backup battery life can vary, 6-8 hours will usually give you enough playtime to keep your tunes going through the night.

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Solar Powered Wireless Outdoor Speaker

If you’re the type of person who likes to plug your head in wherever you go, another key feature to note is the speaker’s ability to charge other devices externally. Some models even have a USB port that lets you charge your smartphone or tablet, which is great for when you’re not near an outlet but need a little extra battery life for your device.

Since the solar-powered nature of these speakers means they’ll be taken outdoors, you’ll need to choose a speaker that can handle the terrain. If you are a beach person, waterproof is a must. If you’re a fan of hiking or camping, you’ll want to make sure your speakers are made from durable, weather-resistant materials. No matter where you go, size and weight are important factors to consider since you’re often on the go for outdoor adventures. However, some speakers are designed for decoration and durability, which are good options for those who want to improve their yard without large and expensive projects.

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Solar Powered Wireless Outdoor Speaker

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This Eaton speaker is ready to go anywhere – it even has loops to attach to a backpack. It is made of strong materials, so it can withstand the rough and tumble roads that are expected. In addition, it is resistant to rot, so a little water will not cause much damage.

When it comes to long-lasting power, this speaker has a built-in backup lithium battery that lasts for eight hours. The solar panel is fully charged in five hours. You can plug in your phone or other USB-compatible devices to charge them while the speaker is playing. The speaker itself weighs less than 2 pounds, making it an easy companion when traveling.

Solar Powered Wireless Outdoor Speaker

If you’re looking for a speaker that lasts all day, all night, and then some, the ABFOCE Solar Bluetooth Speaker has you covered. The lithium ion battery has a play time of 60 hours on a full charge. Additionally, every ten minutes a solar panel is charged with sunlight is equivalent to half an hour of music. The speaker itself weighs 1.06 pounds and has a compact rectangular design that’s great for traveling. It’s also ready to face the elements: this speaker is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof.

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This model uses uniquely positioned speakers to produce 360-degree sound. It also has an improved subwoofer that produces clear, powerful bass notes without distortion. A 10-minute charge in the sun will give you about half an hour (which comes with a traditional charging cable).

Solar Powered Wireless Outdoor Speaker

In addition to delivering the sound you love, the speaker weighs just one pound and is built with outdoor-grade materials (IPX4 rated for splash and dust). It also has a lot of extras, including the ability to charge other USB devices and a microphone for making phone calls.

Designed to look like stone, these speakers are perfect for your garden or pool deck. They are solar powered, which means no wires cluttering up the outdoors. When fully charged, these speakers have 12 hours of battery life – all day outdoors.

Solar Powered Wireless Outdoor Speaker

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Plus, they have a 50-foot Bluetooth range, which means you can move your device around even if you’re the playlist manager. We especially love these because they don’t need to be left indoors overnight thanks to their waterproof and weatherproof design.