Multi Speaker Outdoor Bluetooth System

Multi Speaker Outdoor Bluetooth System – The OSD Audio BOM4.1 Wireless Bluetooth Outdoor System features an 8.0′ subwoofer enclosure with a built-in Bluetooth receiver and (2) built-in 60W digital stereo amplifiers per channel. Ideal for driving two pairs of outdoor speakers

So there you have your basic Stereo system for right and left. There is no way to connect a second pair of speakers or add any type of subwoofer. Because of this, it is a closed system that limits the client’s ability to expand.

Multi Speaker Outdoor Bluetooth System

Multi Speaker Outdoor Bluetooth System

The BOM4.1 revolves around an 8.0 “100 Watt External Subwoofer Enclosure as the center point of the system. Two 60 Watt Stereo Digital Amplifiers can be connected to the system with two or four pairs of 8 ohm speakers.

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You can choose two identical pairs of speakers, or two pairs of Rock Speakers, Patio Speakers, Outdoor Garden Hanging Speakers or even two pairs of Planter Speakers. Or mix and match different pairs of speakers depending on your application. Each of the four speakers is powered by its own Digital Amplifier per channel. Who doesn’t want more bass in their system?

Multi Speaker Outdoor Bluetooth System

IP67 rated Power supply and robust ABS plastic Subwoofer housing is easily warm, cold resistant with your tablet or smartphone.

Typical external Bluetooth speaker sets have a pair of stereo speakers with no option to add additional speakers or a subwoofer. Starting with the Green Guard with BOM4.1 Powered Subwoofer and two Stereo Amplifiers, it forms the basis for a complete outdoor Bluetooth system. Each is capable of driving a pair of 4-ohm/8-ohm speakers or two pairs of 8-ohm speakers for one amplifier.

Multi Speaker Outdoor Bluetooth System

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Speakers can be of the same type; Rock, Patio and Garden Hanging Speakers or you can mix and match depending on your application. For example, you can combine a pair of Rock speakers in the garden and a pair of Patio speakers around the deck.

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The built-in Bluetooth Wireless Receiver connects to any Bluetooth-enabled device, providing a wide range of streaming music and Internet radio stations.

Multi Speaker Outdoor Bluetooth System

In this open location (a 3- to 4-inch-deep hole is recommended), the subwoofer contains an all-weather Green Guard. The kit includes a heavy-duty weatherproof power supply IP-67 (#6), certified for 100% sealing against sand and debris. (#7) means that the Power Supply can be immersed in water up to a depth of one meter.

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The BOM4.1 has a built-in Bluetooth 4.0 receiver that outputs its signal to two 60-Watt Stereo Built-in Digital Power Amplifiers.

Multi Speaker Outdoor Bluetooth System

The BOM4.1 All-Weather Bluetooth® Powered Subwoofer features a 360-degree Omni-Directional Design that adds flexibility when placing the Subwoofer in the ultimate Sub/Satellite setup.

The BOM4.1’s connections include two four-conductor (Right and Left +/-) speaker wires, 10-14 feet long, one from each stereo amplifier to connect to a pair of 4/8 ohm speakers. Alternatively, two pairs of 8 ohm speakers can be connected to each amplifier.

Multi Speaker Outdoor Bluetooth System

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5.25″ pair of Rock Speakers (RS550), Patio Speakers (PA525) or Garden Speakers (PS520 Planter) BOM4.1 is an ideal match for either two pairs of each or a mix of 2 of the three options. LS-2, LS – Garden suspension speakers, including 3 and FORZA5 (two or four pairs, depending on the project), also provide a great opportunity.

External systems are in scope and only BOM4.1 is the possibility to adapt the system in an optimized way to your application. The BOM4.1 includes a Bluetooth source connection with a range of up to 75 feet, providing an ideal plug-and-play Sub/Satellite system.

Multi Speaker Outdoor Bluetooth System

Wiring the BOM4.1 system is relatively simple; The AC Power Supply connects to the Subwoofer enclosure and drives the built-in Bluetooth receiver, 4.1 Channel Power Amplifier. Speaker wires from the bottom of the case connect to two or four pairs of satellite speakers.

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You are now ready to pair your Bluetooth-enabled device (smartphone or tablet) with the Bluetooth receiver in the BOM4.1 case. In no time you’ll be streaming music to a system perfectly suited for your outdoor application.

Multi Speaker Outdoor Bluetooth System

A system setup starting with a dedicated powered subwoofer with a built-in Bluetooth receiver and two stereo amplifiers on board can provide an acoustically balanced outdoor Alt/Satellite system.

A subwoofer is a dedicated bass speaker designed to handle low frequency effects in audio systems and is .1 of the 4.1 found in the BOM4.1. The result is less noise and more balanced and rich sound, so the next time you are in the hot tub, garden or swimming pool, the music will win the ambient sound.

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Multi Speaker Outdoor Bluetooth System

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If you​​​​​​are investing in an outdoor speaker, make sure it is waterproof or has an IP rating that claims water resistance. IP67 is an international protection rating given to products that meet specific criteria.

The BOM4.1 includes an IP67 rated power supply that is 100% protected against solid objects such as dirt, dust and sand and tested to work for at least 30 minutes after being submerged in up to 1 meter of water. In yards with pools and sprinklers, this is important because splashes can damage or short out the power supply.

Multi Speaker Outdoor Bluetooth System

Every environment is different, but we tested our Bluetooth subwoofer outside up to 75 feet unobstructed and got a clear audio signal. Your location may have trees and other factors that may interfere with Bluetooth transmission. Again, line-of-sight contact is generally between 35 and 75 feet, and pairing only takes a few minutes.

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Make sure the Bluetooth device and speakers are at full power or fully charged. Check BOM4.1 from Bluetooth enabled device. The speakers will execute the Bluetooth Sync code to be received by the Bluetooth device and adjust volume, mute, etc. settings such as are controlled directly from your phone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled device. When it comes to wireless multi-room speaker systems, Sonos has reigned supreme for quite some time. And he still wears the crown, but he certainly has

Multi Speaker Outdoor Bluetooth System

Of competition. This is because a number of audio companies have created their own multi-room streaming protocols, imitating Sonos to a tee; Examples include Bose’s SoundTouch, Yamaha’s MusicCast, Bowers & Wilkins’ Formation, and Denon’s HEOS. And the big boys of Amazon, Google and Apple have also gotten into the mix.

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Multi Speaker Outdoor Bluetooth System

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The problem is that most of these multi-room systems don’t play well together. For example, you can’t have an Echo and a Sonos speaker in the same setup. So, if you want multiple speakers in your home, you need to decide: which multi-room speaker system is right for you?

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Here are a few questions to ask before you start: Are you looking for the best sound quality or multi-functionality, which means voice commands and smart home control? Do you have an iPhone or Android device? If you want voice control, which music streaming service do you subscribe to? Whether it’s Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music or Tidal, different voice assistants support voice commands for different services.

Multi Speaker Outdoor Bluetooth System

This guide identifies the most popular multi-room speaker systems to invest in now, with an eye to the future: In addition to Sonos, each of these wireless streaming technologies work on an open network, allowing high-quality audio streaming to multiple speakers from different markets. quality music for different rooms of your house.

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Why not Bluetooth? Bluetooth speakers are ideal for streaming music to one speaker at a time. Also, since they don’t require a network connection, you can stream Bluetooth anywhere (see our list of the best portable Bluetooth speakers). The problem with Bluetooth is that it is a low-energy streaming technology that compresses audio files – you hear less than CD-quality audio. There’s Bluetooth aptX, which can transmit CD-quality audio (16-bit / 44.1kHz), but that requires both the speaker and the streaming device (presumably your smartphone) to be compatible. It also cannot be broadcast to multiple rooms in your home.

Multi Speaker Outdoor Bluetooth System

The One is Sonos’ entry-level smart speaker that can be paired with your voice assistant of choice, such as Alexa or Google Assistant.

The Five is the largest and best-sounding standalone speaker that Sonos has ever made. It also has a line connection so you can connect directly to a turntable.

Multi Speaker Outdoor Bluetooth System

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Roam is a small portable Bluetooth speaker that can be connected to Wi-Fi and integrated into a larger Sonos multi-room setup.

What is this? Sonos has been the industry leader in multi-room speakers since it introduced the PLAY:3 ($299) in 2011. Three things have made this ecosystem so popular: sound quality, simplicity and longevity. And in recent years, Sonos has added support for both Amazon Alexa and Apple’s AirPlay 2 (although AirPlay 2 only works with Sonos’ newer speakers). If you have an Amazon Echo or HomePod smart speaker, you can now control your Sonos speakers with your voice using Alexa (here’s how to set it up) or Siri. If you have a speaker, you can also issue Alexa voice commands directly through the Sonos One ($199) or Sonos Beam ($399).

Multi Speaker Outdoor Bluetooth System

Good: Sonos speakers connect via Wi-Fi,

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