Multi Room Wifi System

Multi Room Wifi System – Turn your spare Raspberry Pis and speakers into a set of synchronized multi-room audio players. You can start from scratch or upgrade your existing sound device to add multiroom functionality for free!

We are constantly updating this post along with the project code, below you will find a log of all our updates.

Multi Room Wifi System

Multi Room Wifi System

The sound already made it possible to stream audio from multiple sources with minimal effort. Now you can have a set of devices that play perfectly synchronized sound anywhere, without extra costs.

Multi Room Wireless Wifi Speaker System

The latest version retains the previous functionality, but now if you have more than one device, the audio will be seamlessly and automatically sent to all other devices in your app.

If you have several Raspberry Pis and some spare speakers, or an old stereo, you can build your own Sonos stand; read on and try it!

Note: The Raspberry Pi Zero cannot be used alone as it does not have an audio output. To use Pi Zero you will need the optional DAC HAT in order for the project to work.

In this guide, we will only cover adding additional devices to an existing Sono application. If you want a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to start from scratch, you can check out the original song guide.

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You can also use the Deploy From command to deploy audio to the app to your cloud account. After logging in, use this button:

A multi-room audio streaming solution isn’t good if you only have one device in your fleet. In this project, we will add many devices to our application, each device will transmit sound to a different room. If you ask yourself

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The answer is simple. Cloud is designed to support fleets with thousands of devices, so you can add as many as you have (or until you run out of rooms at home)! Remember that you will need a loudspeaker, headphones or a Hi-Fi system for each device to hear the sound.

Multi Room Wifi System

If you already have at least one Sound device, add a new one to the same app, it will allow them to download the same software automatically. There is no need to flash the SD cards again, they can be upgraded to the new version by simply stuffing the latest firmware wirelessly!

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: You can mix devices as long as your app type supports it. A great way to maximize device compatibility is through choice

As the application type. This allows you to add any boards from the Pi family, and even Fin. Read more about managing multiple devices in one app here.

Once the newly shared devices are booted up, they will automatically sign in to the cloud. You should be able to see them on the dashboard:

Now we need to download the latest version of the sound to our devices. It doesn’t matter if you are updating your old sound installation or working with a brand new one, the process is the same. To upload the updated code we will use the power of the cloud to do so without even touching the devices.

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Changes from the local project folder if you saved it, or download the entire codebase by downloading the zip file.

After entering the new code, you can now submit the update to your app via the command line interface. For a more detailed deployment guide, please refer to the original audio setup tutorial. The most important thing to remember is that you don’t need to flash the SD card again on your existing device – just hit the new code and it will be updated automatically!

Once your code is deployed, Cloud will ensure that all devices are updated to the latest version that has been transferred. If you check the device on the dashboard, you should see some new services:

Multi Room Wifi System

And that’s all! You should be able to connect to any device and start streaming using any of the supported methods (bluetooth, AirPlay, and Spotify Connect) without setting up anything!

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And will send a message to all other devices to sync them and start playing the same audio.

It may take a few seconds for the system to automatically configure the first time you start a new stream

Did you know Sound now has documentation, a troubleshooting guide, and FAQs? Learn more about the project or find ways to contribute by visiting the official website of the Sound program.

, it is recommended to use Pi 4 (read more about reasoning in the main readme of the project). If you have multiple devices it can be hard to figure out which one is, so we’ll set a name for one of our Pi 4s so we can easily identify it when we try to connect to it.

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To do this, just add the environment variable mechanism through the Cloud panel, set the variable

Make sure you only add this variable to a specific device and not to the entire fleet (this is done from the device’s dashboard page, not from the app).

One last quick tip, if you want to physically identify a device you can highlight it by flashing the built-in LED. This can be done by clicking on the bulb icon on the panel:

Multi Room Wifi System

Want to know more about what works? Try one of our master classes. Each lesson is a self-contained, in-depth guide to the essential skills that will help you succeed in your next project.

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Check them out in our documentation. If you need help, please feel free to contact us in the forums.

Thanks for reading this guide. We hope you’ve managed to turn your localization into a full-fledged audio streaming powerhouse!

If you have a problem getting the project started or have any other comments, we’d love to hear from you; everything helps to improve our designs and tutorials for the next time.

If you’d like to suggest new features or bring more great features to Sono, check out Bang & Olufsen’s GitHub repository BeoSound 2 is a flexible wireless speaker that sounds as good as it looks. Attractive from all angles, no matter where you put it or how you use it. Now available with the Google Assistant.

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Beosound 2 provides great and really powerful sound quality. Applying our Acoustic Lens technology to the cone speaker creates a 360-degree sound experience that fills the entire room from wherever you place the speaker.

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Beosound 2 is designed with flexibility in mind. Broadcast morning messages from the kitchen table or play discreetly from the living room floor. With clean lines and a small footprint, it has an adaptable design that fits anywhere in your home.

Do you have your hands full? Ungrateful. Just say “Hey Google” and ask for your favorite playlist to hear the latest news or local weather.

Multi Room Wifi System

Made of high quality aluminum with great attention to detail. But our material selection goes beyond aesthetics. It also provides excellent acoustic properties thanks to the stiffness of the material and smooth surfaces that eliminate any sound distortion.

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Enjoy all your favorite streaming services. Take calls without interrupting your music. Streaming via Wi-Fi with Chromecast built-in or Apple AirPlay 2 means there’s nothing standing between your music and Beosound 2. Of course, it also supports Bluetooth.

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The Deco X60 builds a more efficient network with 4x the average bandwidth of connected devices in dense environments thanks to Wi-Fi 6 technology.

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Armed with AI-Driven Mesh technology, the Deco X60 provides intelligent Wi-Fi that follows you wherever you go without interruptions. It automatically learns the network environment, customer quality and user behavior. Sophisticated algorithms take into account a variety of factors, ensuring the Deco X60 provides the perfect Wi-Fi network unique to your home. Walk around the house and enjoy smooth streaming at the fastest possible speed. *

The grid means that the Deco units work together to form one unified network. Your phone or tablet automatically connects to the fastest Deco as you move around your home, creating truly seamless Wi-Fi connectivity

Six simultaneous data streams provide sufficient bandwidth for the connected devices. This means you can enjoy more responsive gaming or 8K streaming with pristine picture and clear sound, even when multiple devices are transferring data at the same time.

Multi Room Wifi System

Set up your home network with enhanced security using a set of built-in HomeShield features. Whether you identify online vulnerabilities, limit your kids’ time online, or block websites, HomeShield gives you the tools you need

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