Jawbone Wireless Speaker Review

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() – Had to admit to being a bit skeptical about the Jawbone Jambox when the postman knocked on the door with the device. Part of that uncertainty has to do with their size, as he says they’re able to “deliver such wide highs and lows that you feel it from the outside of the foot” because they’re so small.

Jawbone Wireless Speaker Review

Jawbone Wireless Speaker Review

Another reason we’re wary is that Jawabone claims its Jambox is “smart,” a rather bold claim that suggests an active marketing department.

Amazon.com: Jawbone Big Jambox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

So, can this wireless Bluetooth speaker with phone capabilities live up to the manufacturer’s claims? Needless to say, we thoroughly tested the Jambox to separate the marketing strategy from the device itself…

Jawbone Wireless Speaker Review

As suggested above, the Jawbone Jambox has portable dimensions of 151 x 57 x 40mm and weighs 347 grams – meaning it’s light enough to carry in a bag (pockets push it), but And heavy enough to feel like a premium bag. Inside the box you will get the device, along with two USB cables (of different lengths), a 3.5mm jack, and a thick cap that fits the Jambox perfectly.

The device itself has a very minimalist design with only three buttons on the top and Micro-USB, 3.5mm and on / off / pairing switch on the side. The three buttons on the top include two volume buttons and a call button for answering and ending calls, getting battery status and accessing voice calls.

Jawbone Wireless Speaker Review

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The hardware used consists of a matte rubber finish on the top and bottom, and a cable that wraps around the center and hides the speaker underneath. The rubber finish means that the device has a good grip on the hand and the desk, and is not affected by fingerprints, although it has a tendency to dust.

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We have to say, despite our initial reservations, everything about the Jambox speaks of quality – there is no flex or flex in the body, and after we tried the unnecessary rattle, the only visible noise comes from the on/off The / The pairing switch is not too worrying on the one hand, however, and does not damage the feeling of quality in general. So at first impression, the Jambox is impressive: very portable, great design and high quality feel.

Jawbone Wireless Speaker Review

After turning on the device, the Jambox will start automatically and tell you that it is ready. Bluetooth pairing was a breeze, too, and we were done listening to music in minutes — more on how happy we were with the sound quality later.

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A big part of the “Jawbone Jambox experience” comes from its MyTalk site, which allows for customization of the device, including the ability to choose between different voices. These include names like The Bombshell, The Rogue, and The Thinker – which are kind of funny and might appeal to some people.

Jawbone Wireless Speaker Review

Perhaps more importantly, the website allows you to upgrade your device and provides access to voice calling and voicemail functionality. Some of the sites dedicated to supporting and updating hardware can be tricky, but we’ve had a great experience with MyTalk without any hassles.

Moving on to sound quality, we’re happy to say that the Jambox not only lived up to our expectations, but exceeded them – a real powerhouse for its size. We tested different types of music, and the Jawbone seemed to strike a good balance between sound reproduction at all levels. The bass, although exceptional, is not too harsh, and the mids and highs are audible.

Jawbone Wireless Speaker Review

Jawbone And Jabra Go Small With Mini Jambox And Solemate Mini Bluetooth Speakers

There were no glitches on the device in our tests, although the sound alerting you to incoming calls was loud and noisy at times – and since you may have your own music playing in the background, it can be a bit confusing.

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Sound tests at home were all good, but we’ve seen it used in the summer for travel etc, so testing it outside is important. We have to say, the sound still retains most of its internal clarity and flesh. We found it easy with friends, because despite testing outside in cold, thin air – the sound was amazing.

Jawbone Wireless Speaker Review

When it comes to battery life, and therefore its usefulness as a portable, we found that it lasted about 8 hours as claimed by the manufacturer. However, this must vary depending on how you use it.

Jawbone Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Black Diamond, Jambox

The trick we found was to run the source device as much as possible, which means the Jambox is optional; keeping the source up to maximum means we can listen to music at a low volume on the Jambox while maintaining the clarity of the music. File quality will vary, of course, but the Jambox will deliver decent content, and provide sound that rivals larger speaker setups. The sound system works well, if not great, and most people who have tried it say that we are clear, albeit a little.

Jawbone Wireless Speaker Review

So what’s stopping this great portable speaker from winning the hot product award? Yes, unfortunately, yes. In our opinion, it is a bit expensive. If the RRP is acceptable, you will have to pay £160 for the privilege of driving with your voice. As always, price is important, and it’s a big bag, but it’s a lot of money for a small speaker — even if it’s a very good one.

The Jawbone Jambox is a high-quality portable device that provides crystal clear audio and is used as a hands-free phone. The build quality is there, the design is good for most people, and it’s very easy to install and use. The only thing that really sticks is the price. Bigger isn’t always better, right? It’s an old adage, and while it applies to many things, including gadgets, it’s not the case with Jawbone. Good thing, too, because the Big Jambox is $250 which looks better than the original, maybe more than double. The first Jawbone Jambox was a game changer. Kinds like the Fluance FI30 Bluetooth speaker and the Philip Fidelio DS7700 Bluetooth speaker docking.

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Jawbone Wireless Speaker Review

Jawbone Big Jambox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With 2 Color Options (open Box) $115 Shipped (orig. $300)

Don’t get me wrong. There have been some of the best bluetooth speakers out there (like the JBL Charge 4), but the Jawbone has done it well, producing almost full sound, and most importantly, you can feel the bass even when using the small speaker. don’t you. . The sound of this model can also be similar to the top Bluetooth speakers.

Boosting its power is 10 hours of battery life and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as headphone input so you can listen to almost any phone. It’s been over two years, as several competitors have emerged that sound just as good, if not better. Some of them include Philips’ brilliant Shoqbox and Jabra’s contemporaries (check it out soon).

Jawbone Wireless Speaker Review

To stay competitive, Jawbone released the Big Jambox. The design is almost a remake of the original Jambox, but with a PAIR button (the first iteration used a light bulb to do this) and control and play buttons. The volume and headphones continue in the Big Jambox, along with the charging / power port, which provides an alternative to the use of the MicroUSB port. While the Big Jambox isn’t twice as heavy as the original Jambox, it’s twice as heavy (2.7 pounds vs. 12 ounces) and costs $100 more. You can read our JBL Charge Bluetooth speaker review for a cheaper yet more effective Bluetooth speaker.

Jawbone Jambox Update V2.2 Adds Silent Mode, Android App Compatibility, And More

So the question is, is the Big Jambox twice as powerful as its younger sibling? better. I’m not sure if I can quantify it, but sonically, the Big Jambox beats the Mini many times over. The soundstage is much larger, and the center of the original Jambox is completely at your fingertips. The Big Jambox is also at least twice, if not more than three times louder. Check out our iHome Ibn 6 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with NFC Touch Pairing and USB Charging review for more portable Bluetooth speakers.

Jawbone Wireless Speaker Review

By default, Big Jambox comes with what the company calls LiveAudio. The technology is designed to immerse you more in the sound as if you were there, although the experience may be similar to using headphones. Activating the feature is as simple as holding down the + and volume buttons until you hear a sound. Different instruments are easier to distinguish when active, but the amplitude is reduced by 20%.

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Jawbone Wireless Speaker Review

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