How to Set Up Sonos in a Wireless Setup?

How to Set Up Sonos – With Sonos speaker, your home will fill with a crystal-clear, rich sound for music, film, TV, podcasts, video games, radio, audiobooks, and so on.

Sonos is available for each and every room. With Sonos, you can play a film in your living room, a song in your dining room, and a podcast in your kitchen. You could also play the same thing all around your home.

How to Set Up Sonos in a Wireless Setup

When Should You Create a New Sonos Account?

You need to follow the steps below to create a new Sonos Account:

First, you have to launch the Sonos Controller application from the respective Home screen.

Now click on “Create account” and then enter your email address as well as a strong password. Next, you need to make use of the toggle switch in order to accept the terms and conditions.

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In this step, you have to click on “Create account.” Next, just switch to your email account for confirming your address. You have to click “Verify email address” button.

Next, the Safari application would open automatically and display a confirmation. In this step, you have to come back to the Sonos application.

Next, click on “Continue” and then click on “Continue” once more to initiate the setup process of your speakers.

Next, you’d be asked whether you’d want to set up your Sonos network as a Standard or a Boost network. Most of the users should choose Standard setup.

Now, you have to continue the below steps under the option “Add a new speaker.”

What to do when you’re using an existing system?

As a first step, you have to launch the Sonos Controller application from your Home screen. Next, you have to click “More” tab and then select “Settings.”

It’s time to click on “Add a Player or SUB” option. Now, you have to keep on performing the steps below under “Add a new speaker.”

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What to do when you’re using an Existing System?

  1. First, you need to launch the “Sonos Controller” application from your Home screen.
  2. Next, click on “More” tab.
  3. Now, it’s time to select “Settings.” In this step, you have to click the option “Add a Player or SUB.”
  4. Next, you need to continue the following steps under the option “Add a new speaker.”

How to Add a New Speaker?

First, you have to connect the Sonos speaker to a power outlet and click on “Next.”

Now, just search for a green flashing light on the respective Sonos device.

After finding it out, click on “Continue.”

But, if you don’t find this light, click on the option that states you’re unsure about the light for having troubleshooting tips.

Sonos would automatically start checking for any supported speakers for its system. Now, click on that one you want to set up.

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And in case setting up more than one speakers, click on that you want to set up first.

Now, you need to find out the “pairing button” (on earlier models, it might be an amalgamation of buttons) on the Sonos device, click on it, and then release.

Once the device connects (you might have to enter the name as well as the password of your Wi-Fi network) and then click on “Next.”

It’s time to select the “room” where you want to set up your Sonos speaker and next click on “Next.” Congratulations! Your speaker has now been set up with the Sonos system.

In this step, you have to press “Add another speaker” (and go back to step one of “Add a new speaker”) for setting up an additional one.

Wrapping Up the Setup Process

Once connected to all speakers, you’ve to complete the setup process. In case your Sonos products require updates, you’ll be asked to update your speakers.

  1. Click on “Next” to initiate the update process.
  2. Click on “Continue” once the update is completed.
  3. Your Sonos products would then automatically register to the respective account.
  4. Click on “Continue” for using Sonos’s Trueplay tuning process.
  5. Tap “Done” and the setup is completed.