Gemini Speakers 15 Inch

Gemini Speakers 15 Inch – SHOWROOM DISPLAY – This item is a showroom template. The speakers are in new / unclean condition with the manufacturer’s packaging. Last sale.

The Gemini AS-15Pthrough exclusive active speaker series is designed for unprecedented performance. The AS-15P is equipped with all the advanced capabilities to enjoy your favorite music in your own style.

Gemini Speakers 15 Inch

Gemini Speakers 15 Inch

It is a powerful 15-inch active speaker with a 2000-watt amplifier that produces powerful and deep bass with linear sound reproduction. What sets the Gemini AS-15P apart is its performance quality, which delivers healthy sound with fullness instead of generating unnecessary noise at a high level.

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Gemini Sound As 2115p Audio Powered 15

Take a look at the back of the speaker for more connection options. It has XLR Line and RCA inputs, gain control and separate EQ and mixed output. Separate volume control makes complete control of your speaker system much easier. You can easily adjust the equator of the Gemini AS-15P with two separate buttons for high and low frequencies.

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The Gemini AS-15P is on sale at a special price, so you can fully enjoy the music at an affordable price. Versatility gives users more input, increasing the value of this active speaker system.

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