Definitive Technology Cube Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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The ProCinema 600 System is Definitive’s most affordable 6-piece home theater system, featuring 4 identical front and surround channel satellite speakers, a matching center channel speaker and a powerful subwoofer. But don’t let the size and cheap price fool you; ProCinema is an amazingly sophisticated product with great sound. The system’s components include the same technology as Definitive’s top models, including BDSS drivers, pure aluminum dome tweeters, flat speakers with a mid/bass radiator and a 250W subwoofer for Home sound quality that will surprise you. your friends and family as soon as they hear about your system.

Definitive Technology Cube Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Definitive Technology Cube Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Competing satellite speakers of this size tend to have a low frequency response; the part of the sound series that includes the “warmth” and the “body” of the voice and the instrument. Listen to a man’s voice through a standard mini-satellite speaker and you’ll get it right away

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Listen to what they have to say. The ProCinema satellite avoids this major problem by forcing the pairing of its own Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS) technology driver with a full-sized mid/bass radiator mounted on top of the satellite. This technique doubles the speaker’s wide-range low-radiation area without increasing the size of the cabinet. You’ll enjoy the rich, warm and lifelike sound quality you thought was possible only with large, hard-to-place speakers.

75% of movie soundtracks are played through the center speaker, which is arguably the most important speaker in a home system. This is the key to achieving realistic dialogue and realistic sound effects. So we focused more on the ProCinema 600’s center speaker. It is equipped with 2 BDSS satellite-like drivers, as well as 2 mid/bass radiators on the side of the enclosure, allowing loud and clear playback with high fidelity.

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Low-key video effects add excitement, realism and great fun to action, adventure and sci-fi movies. Don’t worry, the Definitive has low bass. The subwoofer of the ProCinema 600 has a 250-watt speaker driving a high-pressure 8-inch woofer-connected to an 8-inch sub-bass radiator located under the enclosure. The 600 sub has 27% more radiation area than a single 10″ woofer, but with better speed, pitch definition and control.

Small enough to disappear into a room, but beautiful to look at, the 600 satellite can be placed in a lamp holder with its unique socket, on the wall through the keyhole. inside, or with the optional ProMount 80 bracket or pivot. with them. not necessarily standing floor. The center channel speaker has adjustable feet for rack mounting or can be fixed to the wall using two ProMount 80 brackets.

Definitive Technology Procinema 600

To make adjusting the subwoofer output as easy as possible, we placed the subwoofer level control next to the subwoofer compartment.

Sonically, the new ProCinema 600 system is a revelation in terms of achieving incredible sound at an affordable price. Their graphics are very out-of-the-box, spacious and three-dimensional, and provide features and space where needed. They are smooth in front of you, which is hard to find at any price and unheard of at this price. The 600 system is dynamic but capable of great dimming, so it excels in music or movies.

The ProCinema 600 is a full 5.1 channel system. Its parts cannot be separated. If you want to assemble a 7.1 channel system based on ProCinema 600, buy ProCinema 600 system and ProMonitor 800 satellites. Use ProMonitor 800s as left and right speakers and ProCinema 600 satellites as surround and rear speakers. The new Def Tech Cube (not to be confused with the various SuperCubes) is a portable Bluetooth speaker that is slightly louder. unique design. Yes, it’s cube-shaped (approx. 7.7″ H x 7.5″ W x 7.5″ D), but it has drivers that fire three ways, hence the name “tripole”. As far as we know, it has five side-firing 1.25″ mid/high frequency drivers (under the picture grills) and a top-firing 5.25″ woofer. It’s a bit hard to see in the picture, but there are front-firing ports on the ‘the front corner. It’s flared with a deflector to distribute extra bass on both sides. It looks like there’s a second port in the back, but it really packs a punch.

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Definitive Technology Cube Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The latest sports settings for volume, play/pause and power, as well as Bluetooth pairing. While Bluetooth is great for pairing with most mobile devices (and some computers), pairing can be a problem. Smartphones with NFC (Near Field Communications) can gently tap the Cube to pair their devices. The Cube captures near-CD audio quality from Bluetooth streams with support for aptX and AAC codecs. There’s a 3.5mm jack for direct connection, and a USB port for charging mobile devices (but no streaming).

Definitive Technology W7 Wireless Speaker White For Sale Online

As you’d expect from a Bluetooth speaker, the Def Tech Cube is powered by a portable lithium-ion battery. Battery life is unknown, but it should be around 10 hours. The Cube we saw was a pre-production model (or maybe one of the first products), and we spent a few minutes listening to it. The bass was quite loud and really filled the small but open room we were in. The Def Tech Cub will be available at Best Buy and other North American retailers next month for $399. For those across the pond, expect 240v in November. For more information, visit

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Confused about what AV Gear to buy or how to install it? Join our exclusive ebook membership program! Definitive Technology’s W7 Cube packs big sound into a small space. (Image credit:… [+] Definitive Technology)

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Definitive Technology W7

The wireless speaker market is booming right now with new models coming out all the time. Definitive Technology, an American audio brand has put its hat in the wireless speaker ring by using DTS Play-Fi technology to power wireless speakers.

Definitive Technology’s range of wireless speakers includes the W7, a small cube that’s smaller than the excellent Naim Muso Qb I reviewed recently. It’s the same size as Mass Fidelity’s Core system, which I reviewed a while back.

Inside this small cube, about the size of two McDonald’s Big Mac boxes side by side, is a set of speakers that can produce a lot of sound. The W7 uses what it calls a Tri-Polar amplifier. The W7 has a four-inch aluminum dome tweeter. Two of the units are lit, and one on each side creates a wider soundstage. There’s a four-inch front-facing woofer to add a little weight to the sound, while the two-inch passive bass radiators deliver a low-end sound that’s a lot bigger than you’d think. this is a small audio group. There are small control buttons on the front of the device in a small drawer if you don’t want to use your phone or tablet to control things.

Definitive Technology Cube Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Definitive Technology W7 uses DTS Play-Fi technology to receive the signal. This open architecture speaker technology can support 16 mono speakers or 8 stereo pairs. Well, at least that’s the theory. How DTS Play-Fi works in practice depends on the quality and location of your wireless router. Because all music streaming has to go through your router and not the network, you may encounter bottlenecks. I haven’t been able to test streaming with eight stereo speakers, but I think there might be some practical issues with handling so much data on so many routers. Also, the usual caveats about thick walls and the W7’s wireless router distance apply.

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Running W7 is very easy. Simply plug in the device and use your iOS or Android device to connect to W7’s own WiFi signal. Then, using the free DTS Play-Fi app, you can choose your own

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