Cube Wireless Speaker Mvmt

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If you accidentally left an electronic device outside on a wet night, or perhaps dropped it in the pool, then you know how. . . some frantic Googling, rice sack tricks, and then hoping for the best before finally saying goodbye. This situation is especially true for wireless speakers, and their replacement is not cheap. With summer just around the corner, the time we spend outdoors is only increasing, so investing in speakers that can handle the elements is a huge bonus. Whether you like chilling by the sea or relaxing to soft tunes by a campfire, there are a million reasons to take your music on the road.

Cube Wireless Speaker Mvmt

Cube Wireless Speaker Mvmt

Don’t worry about the elements that make your speakers even better, because this weather-resistant option is a game changer. Read on to see the best wireless speaker options for your summer fun!

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Cube Wireless Speaker Mvmt

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Cube Wireless Speaker Mvmt

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Cube Wireless Speaker Mvmt

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US and Russian fitness officially negotiated prisoner swap Brittney Griner by Angelica Wilson 21 hours agoThe Sugr Cube ($229 on Amazon) is a portable wireless speaker with built-in gesture control. It has a great design, with a stunning minimalist wooden exterior and a large power/volume button on the back. The Sugr Cube isn’t overwhelmed by clunky controls and buttons; in fact, the volume knob is the only moving part on the entire speaker.

Cube Wireless Speaker Mvmt

The device name matches. Really, what’s simpler and sweeter than rock sugar? This tiny device may be tiny and it may look simple, but there’s some interesting technology hidden beneath the surface, and sweet sound is ready to emanate from the tiny speaker housed inside the wooden cube.

The Sugr Cube is a tiny speaker that doesn’t get too big out of one of those square tea cans you can buy at Trader Joe’s. The speakers aren’t too heavy, but they don’t feel cheap either.

Cube Wireless Speaker Mvmt

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The wood surface is sanded and feels smooth to the touch. The bottom of the speaker has a non-slip rubber pad that holds all FCC badges, model types, etc. required. contain.

On the back of the Sugr Cube you’ll find a single power/volume button, along with a port to allow air movement. The back of the device also features the only Cube input option – a micro USB input for charging the speakers. Sugr says a full charge will last 24 hours, and there’s nothing I’ve experienced in direct time with the speaker that makes me doubt that claim.

Cube Wireless Speaker Mvmt

Overall, I’d say the hardware feels high quality. It is well made and looks good enough to display proudly in your office or other small living room. The 4 Watt speaker isn’t powerful enough to fill a large room, but it’s fine to fill a small to medium sized room. You shouldn’t expect very low frequencies, but it’s sufficient for a speaker of this size.

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The Sugr Cube has the ability to connect to additional Cubes for stereo output. Unfortunately, I couldn’t test it, but I imagine that it will greatly improve the sound quality for stereo tracks.

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Cube Wireless Speaker Mvmt

The most innovative thing about the Sugr Cube is the inclusion of movement. By tapping the top of the speaker, you can pause and play music. A simple tilt to the left or right will go to the previous track and skip the respective track.

It’s great to be able to physically interact with the speaker in this way, but it also means you have to keep him within arm’s reach to take advantage of his movements. The number of moves is limited, but Sugr says that more moves are being made via a firmware update.

Cube Wireless Speaker Mvmt

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Firmware updates and overall settings are carried out via the Sugr app. While the app is feature-rich, it’s a mixed bag. First, it hasn’t been updated for the bigger iPhone 6s screen. Almost in 2016, this is unforgivable.

The Sugr app is responsible for configuring the Sugr cube according to your wishes. Initial connectivity is simple and easy; it’s just a matter of charging the device, launching the app, entering your Wi-Fi password, and using the chirp signal emitted from your phone to connect the Sugr Cube to your Wi-Fi network.

Cube Wireless Speaker Mvmt

Once connected, the Sugr app is the source of all sorts of goodies. Sugr Cube includes the following features that you can take advantage of immediately after setup:

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Most notably, the Sugr Cube works with Spotify Connect, which allows Spotify Premium members to stream music directly to the speakers. In fact, all of the built-in music options allow live streaming or music playback, meaning your phone is freed up to do other things, like take phone calls, without interrupting music playback.

Cube Wireless Speaker Mvmt

For me, this is the most attractive feature of the Sugr Cube. Having Spotify Connect access means the speaker itself talks to your Wi-Fi network and streams Spotify directly. This allows you to mute your phone, or get out of speaker range while still playing music.

What about those times when you want to play an Apple Music song or other audio content from an unsupported app? In cases like this, you can use AirPlay, which is fortunately supported by the Sugr Cube.

Cube Wireless Speaker Mvmt

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Keep in mind that the Sugr Cube is a Wi-Fi speaker, not a Bluetooth speaker. So you need Wi-Fi connectivity to play audio from streaming sources. This greatly limits the portability of the device, as there is no direct Bluetooth connection on the go.

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Speaking of the outdoors, the build quality of the speakers is not very suitable for outdoor settings. I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable getting the Sugr Cube wet with water or even damp with humidity. It doesn’t feel brittle, but wood and water don’t traditionally mix well. The Sugr Cube is portable to move around your premises, but you may need to keep it indoors.

Cube Wireless Speaker Mvmt

While connectivity was generally satisfactory during the time I used the Cube, I did notice some dropped and intermittent connections from time to time. This outage occurred while I was right next to my AirPort Extreme, so I’m not sure what to blame for this issue. I did receive a firmware update, which was easy to implement via the Sugr app, and it seemed to help alleviate some of the playback drops I was experiencing, but not all of them.

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Keep in mind that the DRM that appears on Apple Music tracks prevents you from saving them to the Cube’s internal storage. Since the Sugr Cube isn’t integrated with Apple Music like Sonos is now, you can only stream Apple Music tracks via AirPlay, and not directly from Apple servers.

Cube Wireless Speaker Mvmt

The Sugr Cube isn’t cheap at $229, but it does have a premium build and speaker look. You won’t get audiophile-level sound quality from such a small speaker, but it does sound pretty good, certainly better than the average $100 Bluetooth speaker.

While the Sugr Cube doesn’t have Bluetooth playback, it’s still relatively flexible with Spotify Connect capabilities, storage, and other built-in options like Pandora and BBC Radio. Of course, AirPlay support is built-in, so you are free to play any type of music or audio that can be played via AirPlay.

Cube Wireless Speaker Mvmt

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Apple Music lovers might want to think twice about the Sugr Cube because, as stated, there’s no support for Apple Music live playback. You can play Apple Music tracks via AirPlay, but there’s no live streaming capability, so you need an iOS device connected via AirPlay.

The Sugr Cube is definitely one of the best flexible portable Wi-Fi speakers I’ve seen. Having a few of them would be great for stereo playback. However, such a setup will start to venture into the Sonos PLAY:5 price territory, and the speakers do offer a superior listening experience, not to mention Apple Music support.

Cube Wireless Speaker Mvmt

The best thing about the Sugr Cube is the look and build quality. The movement, while good, shouldn’t be a determining factor in whether or not you buy this speaker. Sugr Cube is quite flexible as a music player, but it is

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