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Craig Bluetooth – The Craig CR4189BT is a portable radio / bluetooth hybrid speaker that is mainly distributed in sch ticket stores such as Walmart or Biglots. It is difficult to peer in the design process for mass-manfactred good cheap like this radio bt I will try. I like it in the open box of Biglots, missing the tray SB. Realizing that this is a standard port size I took the risk and bought it. Now it is unlikely that this device will be sold primarily as a radio, bt is almost what I see it for. As this radio works even if the car radio is plugged into my car. As a person who helps FM stations with low power, this device is able to choose my radio station inside the house without a crazy antenna. This may be due to the telescoping antenna of this device and the digital tuner. The fact that it can pick up 98.3 with minimal static is enough to make me fall in love with this radio. This allows me to overlook various flaws, quirks and other absrd features that make this device a complicated sbject to say the least.

While the trend in electronics today is miniaturization, this device bcks the trend and knows the size of the shoe box is about 10 “x 5” x 5 “. The justification of the design only must be the placement of two speakers on top of each other front of the device. It’s basically like holding a speaker the size of an oven. For the size, it’s remarkably light as it’s hollow inside. There’s also a handle on the top. The radio antenna is the standard type of 80s electronics mostly made of steel and void or extended through telescoping action. The box itself is made of some kind of wood. The top edge of the box is roded and ever so little use contour effect bias, or maybe the designer just had forethogts to realize that edges they are sharp can hurt people. The overall aesthetic design is a sort of retro-fristical feeling of black plastic. What makes the device impressive is the flashing RGB LED that surrounds the speaker. It is not known what the objective effect is in this light they are bt they are the main selling point for most byers.

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Craig Bluetooth

Craig Bluetooth

There are two connectors for this device, a small panel on the top of the box and the supplied remote. The top mounted interface is small with 5 buttons and a red LED display common in alarm clocks from the 80s. It includes both ports and SB and SD card slots where you can obviously put full mp3 in the player. The buttons face four multiple functions where the back and forward buttons have the vol- and vol+ listed above. This requires a long press of the bttons to force the volme function. The most correct button is the Mode button, which only switches the device between the radio or bluetooth speaker function. The EQ button doesn’t seem to do anything, unless you’re probably playing media on your SB device. The inpt option is remote which includes 21 btton. This remote uses the same standard icons and numeric buttons to quickly change radio stations. There is a power button and a mte button. Basically, the device is very multifunctional in terms of interface if the remote is provided as a minimalist interface provided at the top is the best cldgy.

The Craig Bluetooth Radio Box

In terms of efficiency, this product does what it claims in terms of audio output. The type of probe is nothing special but it can be ordered. Two to biqitosness of cheap speakers, ear bds, streaming audio and low quality it seems probe qality is less easily quantifiable. It’s better than my laptop speakers and can be heard across the room. For some people looking for the vintage hi-fi home stereo experience, this device may not be of high standards.

In terms of performance this product works well as a radio as the extension antenna is often missing in many radios manufactured cheaply. The interface requires a couple of additional steps compared to the old talk radio. They mst trn it on and then hit the btton format and Sally I need to redce the volme immediately because the default is quite high. It is easy enough to see a Bluetooth speaker, and if for some reason you want to connect a cable, an additional input is provided on the back of the device for audio input. The main complaint is about the lack of indication that the battery is about to fail, the device will simply stop producing audio and show a red dot at the top of the screen. An annoying feature is that the LED will flash continuously even if your radio indicates that it has no interference to perform the main function.

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Tility of this device is a kind of Swiss army knife of speakers, can be plugged in directly, listen Yes, mp3 files from media or streambletooth. It is possible that people will find it because it is advertising to do all these things. Bluetooth is a nice addition even though it’s not something I usually look for devices. Test it now streaming msic from Amazon it receives the signal from my computer in another room and it plays audio without skipping.

One thing I noticed about this device when I first bought it is that it has a removable battery and this battery I recognize is the same as the sed type in my old Nokia clamshell. Since one of the elements that often fail in the life of the product is the battery, the ability to find a replacement for 2.13 cents by shipping directly from China for free means that this element is cold and fixed. Reading reviews of this device on Amazon, it appears that many people have the SB charging port on the back of the device broken. It is clear that it is only one place and this happiness has failed for many people. This failure did not happen to my device bt it is a sign of the quality of the relatively cheap billed and the wisdom of off-the-shelf components to build this. Of course, when the designer of this device is looking for his pt together to make it as cheap as possible can lead to many other concerns.

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I am happy with this device because I really see the radio and like it for the price and I am happy with the device as opposed to the cheap bild qality. I love quirky radio and it can be one of the devices I often sed. Other than my headphones, it’s my favorite way to consume audio. Is there another device that acts as a blue-tooth speaker with a slicker interface? This is the case in most cases, bt radio components often have internal antennas. As someone who listens to low-power FM stations, I find that this equipment is well suited for this proposal. And for this reason, I recommend it in seconds. If listening to FM radio is not the main reason for buying this device, I would say that one might want to investigate other high quality speakers. If you want something cheap, portable and more efficient than this device does well in all factors.

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Just don’t see people talking outside at night or you may inadvertently signal to strangers that you want to be abdcted.1 Product rating 5.0 on average based on 1 Product rating 5 5Stars, 1 Product rating 1 4 4Stars, 0 Rating Product 0 3 3Stars, 0 Product Rating 0 2 2Stars, 0 Product Rating 0 1 1Stars, 0 Product Rating Good design 0 Good sound quality Worth the price

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Craig Bluetooth

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Craig Electronics Cma3594 Od Stereo Portable Speaker With Color Charging Lights And Bluetooth Technology

“This is a professionally repaired item. It has been thoroughly inspected and cleaned. It may show some wear and scratches. Overall, it is in very good condition.”

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